Homeward Bound – Don’t call me a Hobo!


Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound – Canada on the Horizon

Well, suddenly I find myself making a little shift of plans to be homeward bound in the next couple of weeks. How did such a thing happen, and what does it change?

Going Back or Going Home?

Homeward Bound

Been lookin’ around a bit

There’s this song that I heard a few years ago and it got a line stuck in my head, it goes something like this, “I finally know the difference between going back and going home,” and I think that I am getting to such a point where I truly understand what it means.

You see, when I set out just shortly after my 29th birthday I told myself that I would be gone for a couple of years (this time around) without setting foot back in Canada. The idea was to go straight to Africa; tour around a few different countries, hit up a bunch of different volunteer projects on the way, learn some different approaches of sustainable development, and then return to Canada to implement many of the new fancy things learned.

Homeward Bound

Madagascar is that way!

That was around a year ago, my 30th birthday has been celebrated with all the wisdom and learning that comes from thinking about landing in a new generation and my time in Africa has been… well… ugh… ummm… I guess, if you really want to know… in a strictly ‘official’ sense of the term… well, I haven’t actually landed in Africa yet.

You see, the straight line from Canada to Madagascar was bent a little bit to involve arriving in a box in France and then really stretched to include an Indian wedding and finally completely forgotten about when learning how to get robbed in Nepal.

But don’t fret… I am on my way to Africa right now… well, after going to France and Canada again. Yes, I realize that to the untrained eye it may seem like I am all over the place. But, in fact, to the trained eye it is much different…

You see as it turns out, the straightest line between two points is in fact a straight line. I am sure that you are thinking that the straight line to Africa doesn’t involve doing a large circle of three different continents, but you’d be wrong. You may have heard that the world is round (it’s more egg-shaped but Galileo didn’t like chickens) and the quickest way to travel from one point of a round (I’m also not fond of those cluckers) object to another is not actually to fly over top of it, above it’s surface… but rather to disect it and cut right through the middle.

Homeward Bound

I’m certain I’m on the right track now

As such, I have been looking for the secret passage to Madagascar. Thinking that it might be the mystery behind the Lemurs in the Zoo, I first went to visit Toronto (and conveniently managed to witness the birth of my first Niece). Turns out there was no middle earth passage from Toronto to Madagascar… but it dawned on me that it used to be a French Colony so I headed to France (and conveniently managed to hang out with my girlfriend for a few months)… I looked for a passage there but never found it. Finally it occurred to me that there is much Indian influence in Madagascar so I headed off to India (and conveniently managed to catch my buddy’s wedding there)… When I couldn’t find it there I figured that the monks hanging out in the Himalayas, in their infinite wisdom, must be able to spread some light on my question. So I headed to Nepal, learned the language and pondered the question for awhile.

Alas, I have discovered (after managing many great conveniences) that the straightest line from Western Canada to Madagascar can only be found in Western Canada. So I will head back there, (head home one might say) and see what I can find. I mean… I have a couple of quick stops in France and Eastern Canada again to make sure I didn’t miss any clues while I was there… But after that I am on my way to Western Canada… to hang out for a few months before heading off to Ethiopia. Oh, did I say I was going to Madagascar? Well, you see… Ethiopia is kind of on the way there, so I figured I’d head that way to do some volunteering for a bit and well… I will find my way to that enigmatic island country… I promise I will.

Homeward Bound

Keep them fires burnin’, I’m a-coming home

But I guess for the moment, I am a Hobo (originally meaning HOmeward BOund), coming back to catch up with my roots and see all you fantastic folk back in the great white north. So prepare the heaters, get the rink prepped and sharpen your skates (wrong season?)… I’m homeward bound and I’ll be seeing you all soon.


Jonny Jenkins

Jonny Jenkins

My name is Jonny, my friends call me Stef. I'm Canadian born, but don't find my identity based upon some borders that man drew hundreds of years ago. I have begun to make my way through the world, travelling and living in many different countries and cultures. I believe whole heartedly in staying longer and going deeper to get the best understanding possible of many different perspectives of life. In order to do so, you have to speak the language. I am no polyglot, but have started to put more emphasis on learning languages in the last few years. I have learned Spanish, relearned French, and started in on Portuguese, German, Indonesian and Malagasy. When it comes to the third world, I am willing to help where they (and not I) decide they need it... in the first world, I am hoping to inspire and motivate people to live more engaging lives.

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