Montalivet – Nudist Beach or WWII Relic?


Montalivet, France

Montalivet, France – Love and War

Wander down the seemingly endless sandy beaches of France and you will certainly run into your fair share of oddities, one of the strangest is a place called Montalivet, France.

Montalivet has three different distinct personalities that deserve your attention.

Montalivet’s 1st Personality – War

The beautiful beach that spreads for as far as the eye can see in either direction also happened to be quite involved in the second world war. You’ll have all sorts of artistic photo opportunities (everything has to be artistic in France, no?) by contrasting some of these weathered bunkers against the serenity of the empty beach. Just as any old man who’s sat on the beach for sixty years, many of these Nazi bunkers show the wear and tear of six decades of sand and surf… but some are still in surprisingly good shape. You can still enter them, and wander around at will.

Montalivet’s 2nd Personality – Nudity

Montalivet, France

Vive La France

Despite the fact that many French Stereotypes just don’t stand up to scrutiny, nudity on the beaches is one that certainly holds water. As it turns out, just outside of Montalivet happens to be one of the very first nudist resorts that opened in France in 1950. Not satisfied with the pics of bunkers and beaches? Well wait a few minutes and you will almost certainly be able to throw some naked bods into the background. Just do your best to play it cool and pretend it’s normal. And a word of warning… the bodies that you want to see naked don’t tend to coincide with the ones that you do see naked.

Montalivet’s 3rd Personality – Surf’s Up

Obviously this place has already got it’s fair share of wonder and intrigue… but now enter a third angle… the surf. As it turns out Montalivet is a great spot for surfing, and the town itself has all the typical charm of a surf town. Walking down the one street in Montalivet, you’ll be transported into a tropical surfing paradise. Surf shops and Sea food stores seem to outnumber people… but the people that are in town are of the beautiful beach bod type… If only they could be the naked ones on the beach

Montalivet, France

Even the sand in France has an artistic side

Montalivet, France is one of those spots that is fairly far from anything else, so it doesn’t get bogged down by tourism (although it is increasing). This little enigma of a town that is trying to be everything to everyone is one of many reasons that you should consider travelling around Europe in your own vehicle.

You can pull up beside the beach and either throw your mattress onto the beach or just put it beside the road. Either way, you’ll have no problem sleeping for free and getting a great little view of the Acquitine coast… but I warn you, this place is beautiful, intriguing and exotic… you might not want to leave Montalivet, France.

Jonny Jenkins

Jonny Jenkins

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