The Big Ol’ Bucket List

Things to See:

The Taj Mahal
The Great Wall
The Pyramids/Sphinx
Old Faithful
Machu Picchu
The Alhambra
The Eiffel Tower
Vatican City

Chichen Itza
The CN Tower

The Grand Canyon
Angkor Wat
Great Redwoods

The Great Migration, Sardine Run, Salmon Run

Places To Go:

Haida Gwai
Madagascar, Seychelles, Socotra
Borneo, Papua New Guinea, Sumatra
Fiji, Tahiti, Vanuatu, Rapa Nui,
Galapagos Islands
Nepal, India, Myanmar, Tibet
Amazon River, Congo River, The Nile, Ganges
Great Rift Valley


Kayak around Gulf Islands, Canada
Hike to El Mirador, Guatemala
Hike to the Lost City, Colombia
Cage Dive with Great Whites, S. Africa
Skydive, Bungee Jump, Paraglide, Parasail
Hike a Glacier, Active Volcano

Dive a WW11 Wreck
Dive with a Whale shark, Manta Ray, Whale, Dolphins, Turtles, Hammerheads
Dive Raj Ampat, Jellyfish Lake, Sipidan/Mabul, Great Barrier Reef, Galapagos, Kelp Forests
Swim with River Dolphins
Hike the Inca Trail

Hike Anapurna, Everest Base Camp
Hike Mount Kinubalu (once barefoot, once with shoes)
Find Nepenthes Pitcher Plants growing wild
See wild Orangutan, Chimp, Bonobo, Gorilla, Howler Monkey, Gibbon, Proboscis Monkey
See wild Bears (Black, Grizzly, Polar, Panda), Cougar, Lion, Tiger, Cheetah, Jaguar
Shamanic ceremonies involving Ayahuasca, Peyotl, San Pedro
Live in an Indigenous community
Live off the grid

Things with deadlines:

5 Languages by 30 (English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Portuguese, German, Indonesian, Malagasy)
30 Countries by 30
Kilimanjaro on my 30th (June 5, 2014)
$1000 online monthly earning by 2014