Pushkar Camel Fair – What to Expect


Pushkar Camel Fair

Pushkar Camel Fair – What’s the scoop?

The Pushkar Camel Fair is in full swing, coming to a close really, and in case you are thinking about making it out here for the last couple of days, here’s some useful information. Alternatively, check out what a day at the Pushkar Camel Fair looks like.

Snake Charmers - Pushkar Camel Fair

Snake Charmers at the Pushkar Camel Fair

First of all, as any major festival tends to jack prices, you can expect the same thing here. Most prices for accommodations are jacked up pretty high, but you will not have any problem finding a place to stay once you get here. Even with the inflated prices, you will still be able to find something decent for a fair price.

Secondly, tourists are a-plenty out here. If you are starting to feel a little homesick but you don’t really feel like leaving India just yet, come to Pushkar. The Camel Fair is drawing people from far and wide… You can easily find people from your home nation, wherever it may be.

Desert People - Pushkar Camel Fair

‘Desert People’ at the Pushkar Camel Fair

Thirdly, locals know that tourists come for this festival so they have come in throngs as well. This city is absolutely packed at the moment. Do not expect any sort of serenity in Pushkar. The Camel Fair has certainly destroyed any chance of that… for the moment at least. If you stay around until after the full moon, you will be able to see the ‘real Pushkar’, as all the ‘real’ locals put it.

Fourthly, I guess this is a spin-off from third… but everyone and their mother will have some gimmick to sell you something out here. Whether it be snake charmers (or rather, people who walk around with a cobra in a box) trying to get you to take a pic, self-claimed gypsies giving you unsolicited henna or kids asking for bread… there are many hands to feed out here. Choose the ones that you think are the most deserving (your selection criteria is up to you) and grow a thick skin for the rest… but then again, if you’re already in India…

Camel Fair - Pushkar Mela

They ain’t lying… tons of camels around.

Fifth and Finally, I know I’ve been a little negative in this article… but it really is something to see! Where else will you ever see four (or five?) ferris wheels as the backdrop to your pictures of hundreds of camels. You’ll see all sides of India here. Love it or hate it… but don’t skip it. The Pushkar Camel Fair is an incredible event that you don’t want to miss.

Come to the Pushkar Camel Fair!

If you’re still wondering what the fair is all about, check out this link. 
Alright, now that you’ve read all up on it, either take a look at my first day in Pushkar, or just come to the Pushkar Camel Fair!

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