Sandeep Vishwa – Stepping Up and Diving In

Alright, I’m sitting here in Jaipur, India with Sandeep Vishwa.
Welcome Deep, you are my first interviewee so try to be nice, will ya?

Alright, thanks and I will

Okay, so let’s get started shall we, how long have you been on the road?

2.5 months this time around… but I’ve spent 11 months away total in the last 3 years.

What is your home country?

United States

Where did you start travelling and why?

South East Asia… Graduated Law School and went for a 6 week vacation… it turned into 4 months. That’s when I got addicted to backpacking
How many countries have you visited in that time?
Where did you stay the longest?
India… almost 3 months, or probably Thailand because everything revolves around it in South East Asia.
What are some of the greatest things you’ve learned?

I am so fortunate by pure luck of birth, pure accident… So fortunate to live in the western world and have so many opportunities at my disposal compared to so much of the world… and we take life way to seriously in the west. And I don’t think we value the time spent we have on this planet (in the west), life is so short, with so much to see. Most people are nice people.
How has traveling changed you?
I no longer worry about career or constantly think about the future because I think that life will unfold in the way it should. I think my priorities have definitely changed… Prior to travel I went directly from kindergarten, to graduating high school, to graduating college, to graduating law school. My plan after that was probably to work for the rest of my life. Now, I just think of how to escape.
Oh, and my network of friends has exponentially increased. I feel like I could go almost anywhere in the world and have a couch to crash on. My facebook feed has something like 25 languages on it at all times.
I feel more detached from the west than ever before.
What surprised you the most? 
How easy it is to travel. Oh, and how cheap it is to travel. The amount of friends that you make while travelling is just incredible.
Do you have a favourite place that you’ve been?
No, Impossible.
Do you have any places on your bucket list that people back home may not have heard of?
No… I want to travel the entire world…
How much longer do you plan on staying on the road?
I have no idea, it changes every other day. Sometimes two months, sometimes 4, sometimes 6… I’m just going to go with the flow and see what happens. But I suspect it will probably be 6 months.
How do you fund your travels?
I work for 9 to 13 months and I essentially live the life of a backpacker back home, every dollar counts.
What insight can you give to anyone back home? 
People always think that they will travel later in life, once they are established. I think what they don’t realize is that travelling at a younger age is a completely different experience than travelling while you are older. They don’t realize that a lot of the experience that you come upon while you’re younger won’t be there when you’re older. Travelling when I’m old just doesn’t excite me. I have met cool people that are travelling in the later years, but still… your body just won’t be able to do the things that it can do now. When you’re older you won’t have the same kind of energy to travel the way you can while your young. Travel while you’re young.
Any parting words that you would like add? 
Life’s too short!
Alright, Thanks a lot, and happy travels. 
Thanks and the same to you

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