The Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man

Hey guys. Well, the newest addition to The Travelling Library series, or rather the newest subtraction from my backpack that’s been breaking my back is James Joyce’s The Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man. I carried this book personally for about 5 months, 6 countries and two continents… and can’t say I particularly enjoyed it when I finally did read it.  But nonetheless, especially since it traveled so far with me, I’m curious as to where else it may have ventured. So, if you’ve picked this book up, I would be much obliged if you filled in the following information.

Name                     Picked Up:                Dropped Off:             Countries Seen:            Date:

Jonny Jenkins       Lisbon, Por        Kathmandu, Nep     Por, Esp, Fra, Ind, Nep    21/2/14

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