The Sense of an Ending

Okay, this bad boy was a fun little read. Picked it up whilst reading Midnight’s Children, thus putting Midnight’s Children back on the shelf and plowed through this thing in just over a day. If you have picked up this book, then please take two minutes to fill out the following information and keep The Travelling Library updated. If you are still reading this book when you visit this page, then take your best guess of where you might drop it off and indicate that it’s a projected drop off location by putting (proj) beside the city name.

Name                        Picked                         Dropped                    Last                     Countries
                                     Up:                                Off:                         Heard :                         Seen:

Jonny                  Kathmandu,                Kathmandu,              Kathmandu,                     1
Jenkins                     Nepal                            Nepal                       Nepal

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