Learn Hindi in One Week – Day 2 – Building Momentum


Varanasi elder asking for a pic

Learn Hindi in One Week

Day 1 of the challenge to learn hindi in one week is all wrapped up, time to move on to day 2.

Day 2 – Building Momentum

At the end of day 1, I made an attempt to start writing some sort of story in Hindi, knowing that this is a great manner to figure out where my major gaps are. Unfortunately, after 1 day of learning the language, I discovered that my gaps were much larger and much more hindering than I would’ve hoped. My story ended up becoming more of a random assortment of sentences.

I yesterday Hindi studied
I eat food do I
Yo me with Hindi speak do you

Yep, those are direct translations… as you can imagine trying to figure out the order of the sentences is one of the first hiccups for all English speakers.

Afterwards I didn’t get to sleep until about 1:30 am, started hitting snooze on my alarm around 7am, and awoke again at 8:30am to realize that I was late… brushed my teeth whilst dressing (got a great toothpaste stain on my only sweater… yep, I’m total class) and ran out the door. Indians seem to be quite upset when you’re in a hurry, and each one I passed felt that it was important to tell me to slow down or ‘shanty, shanty’ which can loosely translated as ‘peace, peace’. Grabbed some fruit off some guy sitting in the street, and arrived at class 15 huffing and puffing minutes late.

Whether it be the cold, the lack of sleep, the human ash I’m inhaling or a combination of the three, I seem to be getting a bit sicker. But it takes a poor man to make excuses on the 2nd day of the challenge… time to learn, go!

We managed to pull of another two hours of study this morning. After which I walked down the little side streets of Varanasi, and stumbled into a German bakery known as the Shiva cafe (apparently Shiva is a German god as well?!) and met a bunch of expats.

Varanasi is a town that is very popular with the expat crowd. There is a really cool community here of people that have come for music lessons (home of the Sitar), dancing, yoga, meditation, spirituality, art and random other motives.

I ended up talking for much longer than I intended, and only got to lay down for about half an hour before my afternoon session. On my way back out the door, I walked past the burning bodies again, and caught a glimpse of a face on fire… weird sight. I was also stopped by the old guy in the photo, who wanted me to take his photo, and asked me to get it to him tomorrow… sort of hoping I won’t bump into him again, as I never print pictures.

I pulled into Raju’s place about 5 minutes late for the afternoon session and we continued on. I think he was expecting me to practice more in between session, guess I’m not really applying myself that much. Still, we are making some great progress, he seems to be genuinely impressed and content. We have figured our way through 5 tenses now, and I’m just getting used to the order that sentences have to be said.

That’s the end of day 2, I’ll be writing a better story tonight (I hope) and maybe try to practice with some people on the street.

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Jonny Jenkins

Jonny Jenkins

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