Learn Hindi in One Week – Day 3 – Feeling the Effects


The beautiful artwork around Varanasi, India

Learn Hindi in One Week

The challenge to learn Hindi in one week is well underway as we head into day 3.

Day 3 – Feeling the Effects

Doing my self assigned homework last night, I managed to write a decently coherent story. Certainly still have some major gaps, but if I am able to stumble through my pages and memory, I can manage to write out what I did in a given day, incredibly encouraging.

This morning, however, was the opposite. I pulled into Raju’s place, eating a couple of bananas and oranges, had about 15 minutes of a lesson and another girl came. Unfortunately she comes every week around this time, it had kind of slipped Raju’s mind (fair enough), so I stepped aside, walked down to Shiva cafe and let her have her hour long lesson. In all truthfulness, my head is a little blurry anyway.

Grabbing a coffee and omelette and talking up one of my friend’s Chris was a welcome change but I’m still just not feeling all there. The sleep/cold/ash combo is really starting to kick my ass. I headed back to Raju’s place, but honestly just wasn’t all there. I certainly wasn’t learning that much today… damn!

Stopped and talked to a few people in the street today (including the old man from yesterday), and managed to lay down for about an hour before my afternoon class. The afternoon class went better, but I’m still not all there. I told him that I hope we will start to converse in Hindi, instead of in English… he’s having problems wrapping his head around the concept, but assures me that he will try tomorrow.

Returning after the afternoon class I stopped for the little fire ceremony that is so famous in Varanasi, shrugged off all the guys that seem to happy to want to give me a shave (or a massage) and attempted to motor home for some good R & R. Hopefully I’ll manage to get my homework done tonight and some good sleep, I can’t afford another day like this.

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Jonny Jenkins

Jonny Jenkins

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