Learn Hindi in One Week – Day 4 – Hump Day


Learn Hindi in One Week

Well, this marks the half way point of the challenge to learn Hindi in one week.

Day 4 – Hump Day

I’m incredibly deflated from yesterday, as my head was swimming through a thick fog all day… and everyone knows that you don’t swim through fog. After having a unproductive day with Raju (my bad, not his), I came home and didn’t get anything done either, watched a bit of Star Wars if I’m to be completely honest. However, I had German subtitles on it for half the movie and Portuguese for the other half, and they say that learning any language is supposed to make other languages easier. So I guess you could say that I was taking an abstract method to my Hindi learning… or you could just say that I was being lazy, sidetracked and not taking this challenge seriously. Either one is true “from a certain point of view” as Obi-Wan would say. Enough of the living in the clouds digressions, back to the task at hand.

Today it started to rain. I’m sure I could’ve taken this in a negative light, but why? It cleared out the air really well, emptied the streets, and rejuvenated my spirits. Honestly, even though I had to skip my fruity breakfast on account of the vendor not being in the street, I was feeling great as I pulled into Raju’s place.

“Oh my god, are you crazy?!” Were literally his first words to me this morning, before I even opened the door. Apparently the rain made him think that I would call the day off… not so Raju, not so.

We started going over some stuff that I ‘learned’ yesterday and we both discovered that my ‘computer’ wasn’t fully functioning during the lessons yesterday… no surprise there!

Much of the conversation has switched over to Hindi today. There’re very few feelings that top sitting in a classroom, studying/talking with a friend and watching the deluge come down outside. As the rain comes pouring down, things are looking up. I was hoping to head down to the ATM as well as buy my ticket to Nepal today, but the rain is making me think that tomorrow will be a better idea.

At the end of the two hours, I’m starving, but really feeling in the groove. Upon my request Raju calls his next student to ask if he’ll be coming despite the rain. When Alex cancels, and Raju offers me a very simple meal (on account of the market not being open), I accept and we do another hour.

Now, I may not’ve been firing on all cylinders for the last couple of days, but this is my sort of thing right here! 3 hours, non-stop, little English, watching the rain come down outside… I’m alive right now and feeling great. We’re making some killer progress and a lot of the words seem to flow of my tongue without too much thought.

I’m still struggling with a couple of funny little conjugations, but all in all, feeling very good about where I am. Without a doubt, I won’t be completely fluent or know the whole language at the end of the week, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be speaking well, and confident enough to enter into more complicated conversations with strangers on the street.

Go, Raju, go!

I have realized one HUGE problem, I seem to have not known the date when I started. What I thought would be 7 days of full classes is actually only going to be 6 as I need to be on a train/bus in three days and it sounds like the buses leave in the morning. But for now, things are going quite well.

I’ve started speaking much more Hindi with the guys in my hostel, some with the people on the streets, and probably 80% of the conversation with Raju is in Hindi… awesome! Time to gear up, buckle down and kick this into high gear!

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Jonny Jenkins

Jonny Jenkins

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